Mandriva – Eclipse – Aptana RadRails

You want to do a new installation of Aptana RadRails IDE in Mandriva as an eclipse plugin.


  • Install eclipse first (selecting openjdk when prompted):
    sudo urpmi eclipse
  • According to the instructions here take the following steps:
  • From the Help menu in Eclipse, select Software Updates
  • Select the Available Sotware tab
  • Click the “Add Site..” button.
  • Specify the Location Url update site: and click OK
  • Select the checkbox next to the added update site.
  • Click the install button.
  • Complete instruction to install from update site and restart eclipse
  • Go to ‘My Aptana’ page and then the ‘Plugins’ tab on the top
  • Click on Aptana Rad Rails ‘Get It’ link and get through the next sequence of screens select ‘ok’.
  • Restart Eclipse and RadRails should now be installed.