setting dynamic event_source in jquery fullcalendar in rails application


You would like to use the fullcalendar jquery plugin to be able to display events in your rails application, but you also want to be able to set the eventSources dynamically depending on the path to your view, especially if your view contains a relationship as in the following example:

model_a/1/model_b (user/14/comments)


Change your eventSources to be something like the following and using the jQuery.ajaxSettings.url :

 // a future calendar might have many sources.
    eventSources: [{
      url: jQuery.ajaxSettings.url,
      color: 'orange',
      textColor: 'black',
      ignoreTimezone: false


ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone comparisons

You have two dates that you want to compare in your Rails application, which are both ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone.

Although they both look identical, when you are trying to compare them for equality (using ==), you get back false as a result.



These dates can have a difference in milliseconds that doesn’t normally get displayed. So first of all try to use to_f to see if they really have a difference.

If they do, then you would need to compare them by converting them to integers first as in :

date_a.to_i == date_b.to_i

and you should be getting back true