Changing gitlab-runner configuration options

It is possible to change the configuration of a running gitlab-runner by editing the file ~/.gitlab-runner/config.toml.

For example to be able to switch the log_level from ‘info’ to ‘debug’ and back again, you can do so by logging into the gitlab-runner and then editing the file.

The file is reloaded without the need for rebooting the gitlab-runner.

Google Autopilot and Gitlab failed builds


You want to use Google’s Autopilot for your gitlab runners, but your job/builds fail because of low resources (ie ephemeral storage).


You can use a limit range to increase the limits for ephemeral storage or/and memory that will make Google’s autopilot to use them and scale them appropriately.

Create a limit range file like:

apiVersion: v1
kind: LimitRange
  name: limit-ephemeral-storage
  - default:
      ephemeral-storage: "10Gi"
      memory: "16Gi"
      ephemeral-storage: "10Gi"
      memory: "16Gi"
    type: Container

And then apply it to your cluster

kubectl -n namespace apply -f limit_range.yaml