Changing gitlab-runner configuration options

It is possible to change the configuration of a running gitlab-runner by editing the file ~/.gitlab-runner/config.toml.

For example to be able to switch the log_level from ‘info’ to ‘debug’ and back again, you can do so by logging into the gitlab-runner and then editing the file.

The file is reloaded without the need for rebooting the gitlab-runner.

WARNING: Pulling GitLab Runner helper image from Docker Hub. Helper image is migrating to, for more information see

To change this in your gitlab-runner configuration, depends on the version of your gitlab-runner as described in

If you version is 13.9.0 (gitlab-runner –version), then add the following in ~/.gitlab-runner/config.toml

  name = "gitlab-runner-name"
  request_concurrency = 1
  url = "https://git.url.test/"
  token = "xckaxxxxxxxx"
  executor = "kubernetes"