Integrating BitBucket with PivotalTracker


You would like to integrate your BitBucket git repository with your Pivotal Tracker issue tracker.


After creating your bitbucket git repository and pivotal tracker project, do the following.

  • Go to your Pivotal Tracker – Profile and copy your API Token
  • Go to your Bitbucket repository and click on the Administration link (top right corner)
  • From the Repository Details menu on the left select Services
  • From the Service drop down list select Pivotal Tracker
  • Add the Pivotal Tracker API Token that you copied earlier and save

You can now use commits that have a square bracker [#111111] with the pivotal issue ticket and update pivotal when making a commit

Exporting query results from MySQL


You would like to export some query results from MySQL into a format that can be imported in LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Excel.


Try first with the default export options, as by doing a google search, there are a lot of different options for specifying field delimeters, lines terminated, etc.
So by not specifying any additional options the export is a tab delimited, linefeed-terminated file which should work in most of the programs.
So in order to do that you would need a folder in the MySQL server that should have write access. Usually /tmp should do. Then you can build your query and at the end add the INTO OUTFILE ‘/path’, like:

SELECT one,max(two) max_two,min(three) min_three 
FROM table 
WHERE one=1 
INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/my_query.csv';

You can use any file ending but usually by specifying .csv the program that you will try to open will understand it.