undefined method ‘remap’ for class ‘Magick::Image’

You have just deployed your rails application to dreamhost but you are getting this error from passenger.

There was a change in the ImageMagic between versions 6.4.3 and 6.4.4 from the affinity function to remap.
If you don’t want, or don’t have time to recompile the ImageMagick and install the rmagick gem, you can comment out the two declarations for the alias functions, located around lines 782 and 1525 in the file rmagick-2.12.2/lib/RMagick.rb:

alias_method :affinity, :remap

Freezing rails to an older version using gems

You want to deploy to a shared host (dreamhost) that has a later version of rails from the one you have developed your application.
You also have a later version installed in your development pc,and using rake rails:freeze:gems uses the latest one and not the one you want.

Use the following to freeze the specific version you want, and by using your gems you have installed:
rake rails:freeze:gems VERSION=2.3.2

Getting your Github git project to dreamhost

You already have a project in github, but you want to move it to a different host (ie dreamhost)

Following the post here that describes how to setup a new git repository in dreamhost, the only difference after the initial setup :

ssh username@dreamhost_domain.com

mkdir -p ~/git/yourproject.git

cd ~/git/yourproject.git

git --bare init

is to edit your project’s .git/config file:
vi local_host/your_project/.git/config

and change the :
url = git@github.com:user_name/project_name.git

to the following:

Lastly you have to push for the first time to the server:
git push origin master

Optionally if you would like to check and/or checkout to a different pc you can use:
git clone ssh://dreamhost_username@dreamhost_domain/~/git/yourproject.git

Mandriva 2010, Dell Vostro 430, Broadcom Netlink BCM57780 problem

Just recently installed Mandriva 2010 in a new Dell Vostro 430 and the network card (Broadcom Netlink BCM57780) was not recognized.

Add the following to the /etc/modprobe.conf file:
sudo vi /etc/modprobe.conf
install tg3 /sbin/modprobe broadcom; /sbin/modprobe/ –ignore-install tg3