Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: webkitwidgets


You are trying to bundle install a Gemfile that includes the capybara-webkit gem, in an Ubuntu system but you get the following error:


It seems that the latest ubuntu versions are using QT version 5 instead of 4. So in order to be able to install the gem you would need to install the qt development libraries for version 5 like:

minitest assert_routing with method included in path


When trying to use the minitest assert_routing with the first parameter representing the path as a hash that includes both the path and the method, and run the tests rails complains about SyntaxErrors.

When trying to use it as suggested in the ‘Rails 4 Test Prescriptions’ Pragmatic Programmers book (p. 172 – Minitest and Routing) which is:

the error is:

even when trying to have the second parameter as a hash:

the error is similar:


Seems that you need to pass the parameters enclosed in brackets, so the following would work: