WARNING: Pulling GitLab Runner helper image from Docker Hub. Helper image is migrating to registry.gitlab.com, for more information see https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/configuration/advanced-configuration.html#migrating-helper-image-to-registrygitlabcom

To change this in your gitlab-runner configuration, depends on the version of your gitlab-runner as described in https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/configuration/feature-flags.html

If you version is 13.9.0 (gitlab-runner –version), then add the following in ~/.gitlab-runner/config.toml

  name = "gitlab-runner-name"
  request_concurrency = 1
  url = "https://git.url.test/"
  token = "xckaxxxxxxxx"
  executor = "kubernetes"

ssh-add, Gitlab CI/CD with alpine image


Trying to use the usual way of adding Gitlab’s key to the ssh agent, is not working in alpine image (but it works in debian/ubuntu), and you get the following error message:

 - ssh-add <(echo "$GITLABCICD_PRIVATE_KEY")
/bin/sh: syntax error: unexpected "("


Try to use the following instead:

  - echo "$GITLABCICD_PRIVATE_KEY" | ssh-add -