Tail Vault auth logs


You would like to tail the Vault auth log files, but if you use the vault tag for auditing and your server is also named vault, you cannot filter out the vault auth logs only.


Use the client_login as the filter in grep:

Decode access secret key from Terraform IAM user creation


You want to use the pgp encryption when using Terraform to create an AWS IAM user, and you have the secret access token returned as an output but encoded.


Use the following to get the actual secret key decoded (after copying your encoded key to a file encrypted_key.txt:

Terraform Cloud – ‘operations’ attribute is deprecate, and cannot be used in conjuction with ‘execution’. Use the latter only


You are trying to add a new workspace in your organization in Terraform Cloud, using the same connected VCS (Gitlab) as the one you already have setup, but you get the above error when trying to add it in Firefox (Linux – Ubuntu – 79).


Use Chromi(um) to create the workspace as it works there. You can then use it in Firefox as normal.

Error initializing storage of type raft: failed to create fsm: failed to open bolt file: open /home/vault/data/vault.db: permission denied


Trying to start the vault server following the guides that specify creating the data directory in /home/vault/data results in the above error and service cannot be started.


According to the guide here: https://learn.hashicorp.com/tutorials/vault/raft-deployment-guide?in=vault/day-one-raft, changing the data directory to /opt/raft and the hcl file to reflect that the server can be started without any errors.

Failed to initialize build ‘qemu’: post-processor type not found: exoscale-import


Trying to follow along the example in the Exoscale article about creating custom templates, you get the error about exoscale-import not found, when you are trying to validate the packer template.


Make sure that you use a current packer installation as the exoscale-import was not supported in the older versions.

So after installing the latest version the above error goes away

qemu: Error launching VM: Qemu failed to start. Please run with PACKER_LOG=1 to get more info.


You are trying to build a QEMU image with Packer, but you are getting the error suggesting to use the PACKER_LOG=1 option. But there is no indication where to place it in the command line.


Put it at the begging of the command line as folows:

Raspberry, Ubuntu and Megatools

To install megtools (command line utilities for Mega.nz), in your raspberry with ubuntu installed follow the steps below (thanks to the instructions from here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Descarga-archivos-de-Mega-con-Raspberry-Pi/)

  • Install the necessary packages

You may also need to add some additional packages if there is an error about the documentation.

  • Get the latest source code from https://megatools.megous.com
  • Compile and install them
  • Add your Mega account credentials in ~/.megarc like:
  • use the mega tools commands (megacopy, megals, megaget etc.

Erlang and Elixir with asdf in Raspberry 4 with Ubuntu 20.04

To install the latest/current versions of erlang (23.0.2) and elixir (1.10.3), follow the instructions below:

Install asdf ( full instructions https://asdf-vm.com/#/core-manage-asdf-vm):

Add the following two lines in your ~/.bashrc file:

Reload/Source your bash file with

Install the erlang plugin

If you get the following warnings:

Install the missing packages:

Install latest erlang version:

Set it up globally (if you want):

Add elixir plugin:

Install latest elixir version (1.10.3):

Set it up globally:

Finally you can also install the latest Phoenix version (1.5.3):