find out the status of rails application migrations


You would like to know at any moment the status of your migrations, if they have been applied, rolled back etc.


There is a very usefull rake task that can give you the list of your migrations withouth having to look at your schema.rb file:

rake db:migrate:status

Status   Migration ID    Migration Name
   up     20140528102449  Create products
   up     20140613150126  Create carts
   up     20140613151119  Create line items
   up     20140617215027  Add quantity to line items
   up     20140617220031  Combine
   up     20140620131542  Create orders
   up     20140620131605  Add order to line item

Rails 4 Application Development HOTSHOT review

A new book about rails 4 development has recently been published by Packt called Rails 4 application development HOTSHOT.

It is a book that can be described as a ruby on rails application cookbook. It focuses on the changes with the rails version 4 and includes a lot of the latest techniques and practices developing rails applications.

The book consists of 10 different projects, that can be used as the basis for further developing these applications.
The projects are:

  • Social Recipe-sharing Website
  • Conference and Event RSVP Management
  • Online Social Pinboard
  • Restaurant Menu Builder
  • Customisable CMS
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Api Mashup – Twitter and Google maps
  • API only application
  • Video streaming website
  • Rails engines E-commerce

In each one of them different aspects of development are presented, for example twitter-bootstrap integration, devise authentication and so on.

So concluding this short review, this is a book that is recommended for ruby on rails developers with some previous experience, and it can provide the starting point for quite a few interesting projects.