Upgrading and creating new virtualbox vagrant boxes from the standard precise32 box


You would like to use a current version of a Virtualbox vagrant box, based on the official precise32 box, like saucy32.


  • Build your first vagrant box using the precise32 box
  • Install any packages that you need
  • Upgrade your distribution by doing the following:
    1. Make sure that the package update-manager-core is installed and install it if it isn’t:
    2. Change the prompt from lts to normal in the file /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades:

    3. And upgrade to the next version by doing:
  • Repeat the procedure for the version you want
  • Change the hostname to the current version:

  • Logout from the box and package it:

  • Add the box to the list of boxes:

  • You can use your new box now in a new vagrant box:

Leaving a service/script running even after finishing the ssh session

You want to run a service/script on a server that you have logged in with ssh, but you want to leave it running even after you have terminated the ssh session.

Use the nohup command so do the following in your ssh session: