adb insufficient permissions for device


You are trying to use the Android Debug Bridge (adb), but running it from the command line trying to list the connected devices you get the error:


You would need to start the adb server with su permissions, so you can try the following:

Creating a Vagrant Box with Debian Lenny 32, rvm and Ruby 1.9.3

As an addition to the excellent beta book ‘Deploying Rails’, as I had problems using the suggested lucid64 image, I’ve tried to install a debian lenny 32 image with rvm and Ruby 1.9.3.

The steps needed are listed below


  1. Download the lenny package:
  2. Make a new directory for the virtual box:
  3. change into created directory and create the Vagrant file:
  4. change the Vagrant file to use the virtual box we have downloaded:
  5. Start the VM:
  6. If there is a warning about the Guest additions here install the latest guest additions by following the description here, but only use the update and upgrade steps as:
  7. After finishing the upgrade logout (exit) from the VM and issue the command to restart the VM:
  8. login to the VM again:

  9. Download and install rvm by using the script described here :
  10. Add the loading of the RVM function into .bashrc, by running the following in the command prompt:
  11. Reload the bashrc file:
  12. Make sure that the rvm is loaded as function:
  13. Run the rvm requirement to see the needed libraries and then run the suggested ones (except libreadline6 and libreadline6-dev that are not there in debian):
  14. Install Ruby 1.9.3 :
  15. Use the ruby 1.9.3 as default:
  16. Finally create a new VM package to use in future:
  17. And add it our box list: