Required ‘compute.networks.create’ permission Google/Terraform Cloud


You want to create a GKE cluster in Google using Terraform Cloud and the instructions provided

You are creating a service account in Google Service Accounts and you have set up the environment variable GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS (after removing the new lines from the json file with tr -d '\n' < original_google_file.json > no_newlines_google_file.json.

But when trying to create the GKE cluster you get the following error in Terraform

Required 'compute.networks.create' permission


The default permissions when creating the Service Account are not enough.

Add the Editor role to your service account, by going to IAM, Permissions for Project, as it does not seem possible to add this permission by editing the Service Account.

Error: Invalid provider configuration (terraform plan locally with TerraformCloud)


You are trying to run locally the terraform plan, while using the Terraform’s Cloud remote backend, before commiting your changes to your repo and running it through Terraform’s Cloud UI, and you are getting the previous error message:

Error: Invalid provider configuration


Remember to add the environment variables needed for your provider (AWS, Google, Exoscale etc) in the Variables section of your Terraform Cloud setup.

Even you have added them before, using a new Workspace means you will need to add them to each new workspace.

Terraform Cloud – ‘operations’ attribute is deprecate, and cannot be used in conjuction with ‘execution’. Use the latter only


You are trying to add a new workspace in your organization in Terraform Cloud, using the same connected VCS (Gitlab) as the one you already have setup, but you get the above error when trying to add it in Firefox (Linux – Ubuntu – 79).


Use Chromi(um) to create the workspace as it works there. You can then use it in Firefox as normal.

Terraform Cloud – error when trying to initialize


You would like to start using Terraform Cloud and when trying to initialize it with the new remote backend (, you get the following error:

Error: Required token could not be found

Make sure you configured a credentials block for in your CLI
Config File.


Follow the instructions here and create a file ~/.terraformrc (in linux) with an API token.