Converting Paradox tables to MySQL sql in Linux

You want to convert some legacy tables created in Paradox (.db, .px) to another format so you can use it in MySQL.

Download the px tools from here.

Follow the instructions, in the INSTALL file after you untar the file.
You should have to do the usual three step linux installation:

sudo make install

Afterwards to make sure that the .db file is a paradox file run:

pxinfo -f  path/to/paradox/db/file.db

The program should read the header and report back with something along the lines:

File-Version: Paradox 7.x
Filetype: indexed .DB

To export each Paradox db file to an sql statement run the following:

pxsqldump -d mysql -f path/to/paradox/file.db > path/to/mysql/exported/file.sql