Gitweb access to gitolite repository

You are trying to set up gitolite access through gitweb but the gitweb page, shows ‘no projects avaiable’ even though you have repositories available.

Try to follow the guide here.
Some of tthe most important steps for having the right access permissions are:

  • Add the www-data user in the gitolite group by:
    $ sudo usermod -a -G gitolite www-data
  • Add the paths to the repositories and the projects list:
    $ sudo vi /etc/gitweb.conf
    $projectroot ="/var/lib/gitolite/repositories";
  • Change the permissions in the repositories:
    $ sudo chmod g+r /var/lib/gitolite/projects.list
    $ sudo chmod -R g+rx /var/lib/gitolite/repositories
  • Change permissions in the /var/lib/gitolite/.gitolite.rc file to allow access to the repositories:
    $REPO_UMASK = 0027;
  • Finally change the git-daemon to run with the gitolite group permissions in the file /etc/sv/git-daemon/run:
    exec chpst -ugitdaemon:gitolite