Use tee command to send output to a file and email


You would like to send the error output from a command or a script to both an error file and an email.


By using tee, you could do the following:

libv8 error in new rails installation


You are getting a libv8 installation error in a new rails 4.0 application in an older linux installation


This is causes by the latest gem version of the therubyracer dependency on the libv8.
You can get over it by specifying version 0.11.4 for the gem as in:

and then running bundle install again.

Parent task translation missing: en, activerecord, errors, models, issue, attributes, parent_issue_id, not_a_valid_parent

You get the following error in redmine when trying to update a task that has a parent task.

It seems that for some reason when you add more than one subtask, the lft and rgt id numbers are not created correctly so you cannot update the subtasks.
If the numbers are overlapping (rgt for first subtask 2 and lft for second subtask 2), then there is a problem.
So in order to be able to solve that you will need to change the lft, rgt ids to have subsequent numbers as:
first subtask: lft -> 1 , rgt -> 2
second subtask: lft -> 3, rgt -> 4

undefined method `find_by_contents’ ,acts_as_ferret

When trying to use the acts_as_ferret plugin in a search page by using the find_by_contents method then the following error appears:

It seems that the API of the plugin has changed, and the

method should be replaced with the:


ERROR: While executing gem … (ArgumentError)

After a recent upgrade to a newer rails version the gem package manager seems to be broken. Everytime you try to use gem install gem_name, you get the following error:

Deleting the cached files as suggested in other posts results in the error:

As suggested here, you need to do:

which should be updating the gem version to the latest one, ie 1.3.0