Integrating BitBucket with PivotalTracker

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You would like to integrate your BitBucket git repository with your Pivotal Tracker issue tracker.


After creating your bitbucket git repository and pivotal tracker project, do the following.

  • Go to your Pivotal Tracker – Profile and copy your API Token
  • Go to your Bitbucket repository and click on the Administration link (top right corner)
  • From the Repository Details menu on the left select Services
  • From the Service drop down list select Pivotal Tracker
  • Add the Pivotal Tracker API Token that you copied earlier and save

You can now use commits that have a square bracker [#111111] with the pivotal issue ticket and update pivotal when making a commit

  • chris marx

    Any idea how to do this with the new webhook support instead?

  • kosmasc

    Sorry, Chris I’m afraid I haven’t used Bitbucket and Pivotal Tracker for quite a few years now. Is this one not working any more, or you want to use the new support?

  • :)

    Services are being phased out in favor of webhooks.

  • Ryan

    I am wondering about how to use the Webhooks over the services for the same reasons as the others commenting before me, as services are being phased out for Webhooks.

  • kosmasc


    I am not using BitBucket anymore but would the instructions be of any help?

  • Will Ferrer


    Our PT integration with BitBucket was working previously, but now we can’t see the commits attached to the ticket anymore in PT. We add a commit message just the way we used to but it’s not listed on the ticket any more.

    Here is a sample commit that failed to show up in PT.

    [#134048625] — Testing PT Integration
    Testing pt integration

    I am wondering if we need to start using webhooks in BitBucket?
    Do you have any advice that could help?

    Thanks very much.

  • kosmasc

    Hi Will,

    I haven’t used BitBucket for some time now, but if you look at the previous comments, you will see that they switched to webhooks some time ago.
    So I think that you should switch to webhooks.
    Any help on the documentation ( ?

  • Will Ferrer

    Thanks Kosmasc

    I also got a reply from bitbucket, they said it was a known bug and they are working on it.

    Have a great weekend.