Getting rails console on an amazon aws server when using rvm

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You would like to get access to your rails application console on an Amazon ec2 instance, and you are also using rvm.


  • Login with ssh to your server as normal:
  • Go to your application’s current folder:
  • Run the following replacing the environment with your specific environment (ie production,beta,staging etc):
  • Gab Riel

    Im getting the following output:
    rails new APP_PATH [options]

    -r, [–ruby=PATH] # Path to the Ruby binary of your choice
    # Default: /home/deploy/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.3.3/bin/ruby
    -m, [–template=TEMPLATE] # Path to some application template (can be a filesystem path or URL)

    and a bunch more options.
    How do I get access to rails c where I can query the db, run ruby code etc.

  • kosmasc


    you are using rails new, that creates a new application.

    You should be using rails c to access the rails console.